Learning Journey

Every child has a keyworker and a personal ‘Learning Journey’ where the keyworker records observations, along with photographs which illustrate what your child has been doing.  Parents are welcome to borrow their child’s Learning Journey at any time.   In addition we invite parents for a chat every term to celebrate achievements and plan ‘next steps’ to promote further learning. 

We encourage children to be as independent as possible and are happy to help with toilet training.  Children are supported to wash their hands and learn about the importance of good hygiene.   In readiness for school, children are supported to put on their coat, shoes and boots.

We take part in various local initiatives such as the Art Project in conjunction with Falmouth Art Gallery where the children visited the gallery and took part in projects with various local artists.



Working in partnership with parents and wider-families is key to our good relationships.   We plan activities which are centred around the children’s interests and also specific family and local celebrations.
Parents are welcome to join us for activities and story time.


Active Learning

Outdoor Play

Our location on the playing field enables the children to frequently explore the play equipment and enjoy games on the field.

Playing field.jpg
Kennal Vale.jpg


Additionally, we have Kennall Vale Nature Reserve close by which enables further exploratory expeditions.

Sports Day

Family and friends join us for Sports Day.

Sports Day.jpg